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Live In Belize: Articles Resources & Videos  -  The EscapeArtist Belize Portal & Newsletter. A combination of natural factors—climate, the Belize Barrier Reef (longest in the Western Hemisphere), 127 offshore Cayes (islands), excellent fishing, safe waters for boating, scuba diving, and snorkeling, various jungle fauna and flora, helicopter touring and Maya ruins encourage expats to move to Belize.  These factors also support the thriving tourism and ecotourism industry. Development costs are high, but the Government of Belize has designated tourism as its second development priority after agriculture. In 2007, tourist arrivals totaled 251,655 (more than 210,000 from the U.S.) and tourist receipts amounted to $183.3 million. - Includes a complete Live In Belize Portal, with real estate and resources for living in Belize, a Live In Belize Newsletter with articles and reports about moving to Belize. Get their free reports on living in Belize and a Free Trial Subscription
Live In Costa Rica Newsletter  -  The EscapeArtist Costa Rica Portal & Newsletter is unique in its quest for honest, real life stories from people working and living abroad in Costa Rica. We live in Costa Rica, we know Costa Rica, we believe that Costa Rica is the expat haven of choice. We look for the opinions, the advice, the I wish I would have known this then, and the down and dirty truths from the mouths of those who have experienced it all firsthand. Escapeartist Costa Rica is dedicated to this true-to-life portrayal of the country we love. All of our articles are written by people who work, invest, love, explore, and live the "pura vida" here in Costa Rica.  - Includes a complete Live In Costa Rica Portal, with real estate and resources for living in Costa Rica, a  Newsletter with articles and reports about moving to Costa Rica. Get their free reports on living in Costa Rica and a Free Trial Subscription
Live In Mexico - Retire In Mexico Newsletter  -  The Future of Escape to Mexico Magazine - All Things Mexico! “True stories of real people… living, traveling and working in Mexico.”  It’s authoritative, firsthand experience, not media hype! Come with us to… Escapeartist Mexico proudly joins the leading line-up of the new country portals, that  each are devoted to a single, dream destination.  Our site is the window to everything you want to know if you’re thinking about escaping to Mexico!  As part of the Escapeartist media family, Escapeartist Mexico adds to a 15-year tradition, extending the value of the Internet’s longest-standing source of reliable information about living, working investing, traveling and retiring abroad.  It’s a dedication that’s helped countless couples, singles and families realize their “EscapeArtist Dreams”. . - Includes a Magazine with articles and reports about moving to Mexico. Get a Free Trial Subscription
Live In Colombia Newsletter: Articles Resources & Videos  -  Guess where the next big land rush will take place? Guess where the next batch of expat millionires will be created? EscapeArtist has been directing people to nations emerging towards livability and income production since 1996. What nation is next? Colombia is the answer, and we've a developing newsletter to provide you the kind of information on Colombia you need. Are you looking for the next land of opportunity? Does talk of massive government debt, bankruptcies, foreclosures and unemployment in the USA have you singing the blues? Escapeartist is about to provide you with an insider tip to the next ‘in’ location. We are talking about a location where all the smart  money is moving to, a country vast with resources, a beautiful culture and probably the most attractive women on planet earth. (It’s true) – Names like Sam Zell (Billionaire) and Carlos Slim (Billionaire) and many others are investing in Colombia right now. Why are they investing? Why are tourism rates in Colombia skyrocketing? Why is the Colombian stock market returning double digit returns? Why is Colombia leading the Latin American rim in attracting foreign direct investment?
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