M a p s   O f   F R A N C E

  • Official Name: French Republic
  • Area: 674,843 km2 (43rd)
  • Population: 65,447,374[8] (20th)
  • Geographic coordinates: 48°51.4′N 2°21.05′E
  • Currency: Euro,[12] CFP Franc[13]
  • Form of Goverment: Unitary semi-presidential republic
  • GDP - per capita (PPP): $33,678[10]
  • Provinces: 26 regions
  • Languages: French
  • Freedom House France Rating: 1.0
  • Political Rights Score: 1
  • Civil Liberties Score: 1
  • Status: Free

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There are many reasons why people decide to move to France. They include the attractions of what is seen as a gentler pace of life, the sheer size of the country and the wide choice of potential areas in which to live, the varied scenery and favourable climate especially in the south, opportunities for sport and recreation that are available and easily accessible, France's excellent health...    m o r e . . .

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