M a p s   O f   E S T O N I A

  • Official Name: Republic of Estonia
  • Area: 45,228 km2 (132nd2)
  • Population: 1,340,021[2] (151st)
  • Geographic coordinates: 59°25′N 24°45′E
  • Currency: Euro3 (EUR)
  • Form of Goverment: Parliamentary republic
  • GDP - per capita (PPP): $18,518[4]
  • Provinces: 15 counties
  • Languages: Estonian
  • Freedom House Estonia Rating: 1.0
  • Political Rights Score: 1
  • Civil Liberties Score: 1
  • Status: Free

Calling places havens has become something of a lifestyle cliché. The reality is that more often than not, most places described as such have become overexposed slices of paradise lost; their romantic sense of refuge ironically ruined by what made them attractive in the first place.
On our well-trodden planet there are no true secrets— we do, after all, live in a world that is rapidly shrinking with each passing day, leaving few places...    m o r e . . .

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