M a p s   O f   C h i l e

  • Official Name: Chile
  • Area: 756,950 km2 (38th)
  • Population: 17,063,000 (60th)
  • Geographic coordinates: 19 00 N, 70 40 W
  • Currency: Peso (CPL)
  • Form of Goverment: Unitary presidential republic
  • GDP - per capita (PPP): $14,340[3]
  • Provinces: 12 provinces
  • Language: Spanish (official)
  • Freedom House Chile Rating: 2.0
  • Political Rights Score: 2
  • Civil Liberties Score: 2
  • Status: Free

Moving To Chile - Wow-and-a-Half! We have had the most amazing month! First of all, a big Chilean "Hola!" to all of our new-found friends. We do not want to forget anyone. We have received emails from people living all over the world - from the US to Latvia as well as England, Afghanistan, India and....well we are absolutely flabbergasted by the many people who have extended a hand in friendship. We are overwhelmed and overjoyed. Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!     m o r e . .