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-  At first it seemed a romantic alternative; candle lit meals, gas lighting and early evenings to bed. Living 2 km from the nearest electricity pylon gave us a novel and factura-free lifestyle. Our friends frowned at our choice of such a remote farmhouse, but although we had been pampered by city life, we accepted that campo living was about going back to basics. Equipped with a portable 12v battery pack we could recharge our mobile phones and plug in a B&W 2 inch screen TV. What more would we need? Well, for a start there was the washing machine, the water pump and the iron. We had to use a generator for these things but the noise and the fumes destroyed the peace of our valley as well as the lining of my lungs. But AA batteries alone couldn’t run such power hungry items.  At the end of the first year the novelty had become a chore. We missed light switches - especially in the loo at midnight – and salivated over the thought of an electric toaster and watching the evening film without the use of a magnifying glass. A beautiful sunset had come to mean night-time and this meant darkness.  Battery lights, candles and gas lamps were OK, but I resented feeling like I was in a tent when I was actually in my own house. To break the monotony, we would occasionally drive into our nearest one-horse-town for a wild night out, but it was a harrowing 20 min pitch-black journey along dusty tracks carved into the vertical sides of cliff faces and gorges.
Index Of Embassy Listings For Spain
(Listed Alphabetically By Nation)
Pakistan: Embassy Of Pakistan in Madrid, Spain
Palestine: Embassy Of Palestine in Madrid, Spain
Peru: Embassy Of Peru in Madrid, Spain
Peru: Consulate General Of Peru in Madrid, Spain
Philippines: Embassy Of The Philippines in Madrid, Spain
Poland: Embassy Of Poland in Madrid, Spain
Poland: Consulate General Of Poland in Barcelona, Spain
Portugal: Embassy Of Portugal in Madrid, Spain
Romania: Embassy Of Romania in Madrid, Spain
Russia: Embassy Of The Russian Federation in Madrid, Spain
Russia: Embassy Of The Russian Federation in Barcelona, Spain
South Africa: Embassy Of South Africa in Madrid, Spain
Uganda: Honorary Consulare Of Uganda in Barcelona, Spain
United Kingdom: British Embassy in Madrid, Spain
USA: Embassy Of The United States Of America in Madrid, Spain
Venezuela: Consulate General Of Venezuela in The Canary Islands, Spain
Venezuela: Consulate General Of Venezuela in Barcelona, Spain
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