Embassy Listings For Spain - Embassies of Other Nations To Spain (A thru N)
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- Is establishing a successful, thriving British bar/restaurant in a remote part of Spain a possibility? Buy two crumbling old farmhouses in a remote, rural part of Spain and open up as a British bar/restaurant? Are you mad? These were just the thoughts running through the minds of John and Trish when a friend (and property developer) asked them to take time away from their well established busy, thriving bar/restaurant in the bustling town of Torrevieja, Alicante and drive out into the countryside of Murcia to view these properties. However, John and Trish did just that and their hard work and determination has paid off and the rewards are now beginning to show. John and Trish moved over to Spain in the years 1998 and 2000 respectively. Both disillusioned with life back in the UK, both decided to make the final break. Trish had previous worked as a Home Care Worker and John had worked as a sub contractor bricklayer and had had a Scaffolding and Plant Hire firm.  His work had taken him all over the world: to Pakistan, Australia, Canada and he had spent thirteen years in Africa.  Unknown to each other at the time of moving to Spain, both started to settle into their new life abroad. Trish had opened a bar in Benidorm and John had bought a bar in Torrevieja. Their paths crossed one night in a bar in Benidorm and they have been together ever since.
Index Of Embassy Listings For Spain
(Listed Alphabetically By Nation)
Angola: Embassy Of Angola in Madrid, Spain
Argentina: Embassy Of Argentina in Madrid, Spain
Argentina: Consulate Of Argentina in Barcelona, Spain
Australia: Embassy Of Australia in Madrid, Spain
Austria: Embassy Of Austria in Madrid, Spain
Belgium: Embassy Of Belgium in Madrid, Spain
Belgium: Consulate Of Belgium in Alicante, Spain
Brazil: Embassy Of Brazil in Madrid, Spain
Canada: Embassy Of Canada in Madrid, Spain
Chile: Consulate Of Chile in Bilbao, Spain
China: Embassy Of The Popular Republic Of China in Madrid, Spain
China: Consulate General Of The Popular Republic Of China in Barcelona, Spain
Croatia: Embassy Of Croatia in Madrid, Spain
Cuba: Embassy Of Cuba in Madrid, Spain
Cyprus: Embassy Of Cyprus in Madrid, Spain
Czech Republic: Embassy Of The Czech Republic in Madrid, Spain
Denmark: Embassy Of Denmark in Madrid, Spain
Dominican Republic: Consulate General Of The Dominican Republic in Bilbao, Spain
Estonia: Embassy Of Estonia in Madird, Spain
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Finland: Embassy Of Finland in Madrid, Spain
France: Consulate General of France in Barcelona, Spain
Georgia: Embassy of Georgia in Madrid, Spain
Hungary: Embassy Of Hungary in Madrid, Spain
Iceland: Consulate General Of Iceland in Fuengirola, Spain
India: Embassy Of India in Madrid, Spain
Indonesia: Embassy Of Indonesia in Madrid, Spain
Ireland: Embassy of Ireland in Madrid, Spain
Israel: Embassy Of Israel in Madrid, Spain
Italy: Consulate General Of Italy in Madrid, Spain
Italy: Embassy Of Italy in Madrid, Spain
Japan: Embassy Of Japan in Madrid, Spain
Japan: Consulate General Of Japan in Barcelona, Spain
Jordania: Embassy Of Jordania in Madrid, Spain
Kazakhstan: Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Madrid, Spain
Kenya: Embassy Of Spain in Helsinki, Finland
Lithuania: Embassy of Lithuania in Madrid, Spain
Malaysia: Embassy Of Malaysia in Madrid, Spain
Mexico: Embassy Of Mexico in Madrid, Spain
Morocco: Embassy Of The Kingdom Of Morroco in Madrid, Spain
Netherlands: Embassy Of The Netherlands in Madrid, Spain
New Zealand: Embassy Of New Zealand in Madrid, Spain
Norway: Royal Norwegian Embassy in Madrid, Spain
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