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China is showing a smiling face to the world while brutally crushing Tibet - a police state where supporters of the Dalai Lama can be beaten to death. The human rights situation in Tibet remain a major source of concern.  Human rights inside occupied Tibet remain appalling.  China uses Tibet as a Disneyland type tourist attraction for the Chinese. That China should be awarded the Olympics is a travesty.  Right minded human beings will boycott the games - China is undeserving of respect as long as it disrespects the rights of other nations. International Olympic Committee members supported China's bid to host the Olympics, encouraged by their president, Juan Antonio Samaranch. Chinese authorities, satisfied by the IOC decision, reinforced repression against Internet users, Tibetans, members of the Falungong spiritual movement, foreign scholars, the Muslim Uigur minority, democrats, foreign journalists and delinquents, all "in the name of the Chinese Olympics". - China is the only major world power to have entered the twenty-first century with a thriving prison camp network-a frightening, mostly hidden realm known since 1951 as the laogai system.
Tibetan Government in Exile's Official Web Site - Tibetan Government - site is maintained and updated by The Office of Tibet, the official agency of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in London.
Tibet Online - Tibet Online - Tibet Online is operated by the international Tibet Support Group community, providing information on the plight of Tibet and serving as a virtual community space for the movement.
International Tibet Support Network - Tibet Support Network - The International Tibet Support Network (ITSN) is a collective of Tibet related non-governmental organizations from Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa.
International Campaign for Tibet - Save Tibet - Save Tibet
Free Tibet Campaign - Free Tibet -  based in London, stands for the Tibetans' right to decide their own future. It campaigns for an end to the Chinese occupation of Tibet and for the Tibetans' fundamental human rights to be respected. 
Tibet Information Network (TIN) - Tibet Information Network
Canada Tibet Committee - Comité Canada Tibet -Canada Tibet Committee
Home Page of Tibet - Home Page of Tibet - Sponsored by Tibet Study Association
Tibet Society UK - Tibet Society UK
Tibetan Studies WWW Virtual Library - Tibetan Studies WWW Virtual Library - This document keeps track of leading information facilities in the field of Tibetan studies.
Tibet Justice Center - Tibet Justice Center - The International Committee of Lawyers for Tibet (ICLT) advocates self-determination for the Tibetan people. Through legal action and education, ICLT promotes human rights, environmental protection, and peaceful resolution of the situation in Tibet. A non-profit membership group, ICLT is supported by attorneys, other concerned individuals, and organizations. 
HRW World Report on China and Tibet: - HRW World Report on China and Tibet
China is the only major world power to have entered the twenty-first century with a thriving prison camp network - a frightening, mostly hidden realm known since 1951 as the laogai system.
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