Financing an Escape from the Rate Race - Itís not as if I hadnít thought about it.  Itís not even outside my character to say yes to adventure and change.  But marriage and kids and career had continued to smack me in the face with practicality as visions of myself holed -up on some foreign shore, scribbling away for a living like Hemingway or Fitzgerald, grew steadily dimmer.  Iíd held images of that other self dear for so long that any of the hundreds of people I called family, friend, or colleague Ė over more than fifty years of living the good life in America Ė could have told you thatís what Sandy would really rather be doing. And then, incredibly, I looked up one day and found myself staring at the possibility of realizing it all. It was called Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico Ė some 1,700 miles from my Tucson, Arizona, home base and it had taken me all of about 24 hours of being there to pull back and say, hey, I think maybe my time has come! And, you know what?  It has.   Iíve lived here for almost a year and a half, now, and itís as good as any of those earlier imaginings ever was. Morelia is one of those temperate zone Mexican cities like Cuernavaca, San Miguel Allende, Oaxaca, and Guadalajara that feature comfortably warm days and cool nights, year-round.And its home state of Michoacan is one of the most beautiful in all of Mexico Ė featuring green, rolling hills, tropical vegetation, a variety of fascinating indigenous populations with an endless panorama of fascinating cultures, and sites that range from sparkling beaches to lovely 15th century architecture.   Michoacan's landscape stretches from the Pacific Coast to Mexico City, almost.  In fact, Morelia is located on the eastern edge of the state of Michoacan and about 200 miles west of Mexico City.
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Embassies of Mexico around the World - Mexico's Embassies located around the world - websites of Mexican Embassies & Consulates -
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Political Parties of Mexico - Political parties of Mexico
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- Includes a wide range of resources, articles, contact links, websites, real estate, information, data, as well as  books and videos on moving to, living in and investing in Mexico. - Mexico, because of its extreme beauty and growing economic opportunities has become an 'expat haven'.  Here you will  have a fulfilling and affordable lifestyle south of the border.
-  Facts on how to do all things in Mexico. Information from experienced sources who have helpful information for people wanting to buy Real Estate, Move, Live, Work, Play or Travel to Mexico. - Includes a with articles and reports about moving to Mexico. Get a
- 9 Artices About Owning, Managing & Living On A Vineyard. Fractional Ownership, Vineyards in Argentina, Vineyards in France, disappointments and successes. If you want to own a vineyard read these articles and see how others have done it.
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Maps of Mexico Including State Maps of Mexico States & City Maps of Mexico Cities
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