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Information About Aland Island
Autonomous Region Of Finland (Aland)
The �land Islands are a group of more than 6000 islands in the eastern part of the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland, east of Stockholm.� The total area is about 1500 km2 and there are living approximately 25,000 inhabitants.� Their main language is Swedish.� Although the islands have a certain form of autonomy, they still form a province in Finland.� For centuries the �land Islands belonged to the crown of Sweden, as was the case with Finland as a whole.� Finland - and the �land islands - came in the possession of Russia in 1809. During the Chrimean War (1853 - 1856) the islands of �land were of great strategically importance for Russia, but after this the islands were demilitarised.� To quiet a strong movement on the islands for Sweden the islands got a form of autonomy, but the Finnish sovereignty over the islands was confirmed in 1921 by a decision of the League of Nations. In 1951 the autonomy of the islands was renounced by the Finnish parliament, but the inhabitants got special rights, including their own flag.
�lands hemsida - Description: Official home page of the province. Facts about the islands, history of the autonomy, as well as links.
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