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Murder in Samarkand
Craig Murray was the United Kingdom's Ambassador to Uzbekistan until he was removed from his post in October 2004 after exposing appalling human rights abuses by the US-funded regime of President Islam Karimov.
Voiceless: Uzbekistan one of the nastiest, most repressive dictatorships in Asia but its relationship with Washington and the United Kingdom is unquestioned. Torture is condoned, and information gained through tortue is passed on to these nations... The BBC News service, well-known for its objectivity has been a rare source in reporting the true conditions in Uzbekistan, but BBC is suspending its operations in Uzbekistan due to security concerns. All local staff are being withdrawn and the office in the capital Tashkent will close for at least six months pending a decision on its future. Regional BBC head Behrouz Afagh said the staff had been harassed and intimidated in recent months. "Over the past four months since the unrest in Andijan, BBC staff in Uzbekistan have been subjected to a campaign of harassment and intimidation which has made it very difficult for them to report on events in the country." In June, BBC correspondent Monica Whitlock was forced to leave Tashkent under pressure from the government. Two local members of staff have since been granted refugee status by the United Nations. The Uzbek ambassador in London has declined an invitation to discuss the issue with the BBC. Uzbekistan says 169 people lost their lives when soldiers put down the "bandit uprising" in Andijan in May, but human rights groups believe that 500 people were killed. The Uzbek government has rejected international calls for an independent inquiry into the crackdown. Fifteen men are currently on trial, accused of being behind the unrest. (BBC, Oct. 26) BBC recently noted noted that government prosecutors in the trial have accused the BBC of secretly acting in complicity with the protesters.
Afghanistan: Uzbekistani Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan EP Kabul, Vazir Akbar Khan, 13th Street, 3rd row, House 14 City: Kabul Phone: +93-20-2300124 Fax: +
Austria: Uzbekistani Embassy in Wien, Austria
Azerbaijan: Uzbekistani Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan Batamdart, 1st highway, 9 th lane, house 437 370021 Boku City: Baku Phone: +994-12-497 25 49 Fax: +99.412.972.549 Email: embuzb@azeronline.com
Bangladesh: Uzbekistani Consulate in Dhaka, Bangladesh Wali Center, 3rd Floor, House #74, Gulshan Avenue City: Dhaka Phone: (88-2) 881 3453 Fax: (88-2) 881 3453
Belarus: Uzbekistani Consulate in Minsk, Belarus Chancery: 17 Kirov Street 220000 Minsk Belarus City: Minsk Phone: (+375-17) 2293528, 2293434, 2293517 Fax: (+375-17) 2261044
Belgium: Uzbekistani Embassy in Brussels, Belgium
China: Uzbekistani Embassy in Beijing, China
Egypt: Uzbekistani Embassy in Cairo, Egypt Chancery: 18, Saad El-Ali St. Dokki, Cairo, Egypt City: Cairo Phone: +20-2-3361723 / (02) 3336.1723 Fax: +20-2-3361722
France: Uzbekistani Embassy in Paris, France 22 rue d'Aguesseau 75008 PARIS City: Paris Phone: 01 53 30 03 53 Fax: 01 53 30 03 54 Email: ambassade.ouzbekistan@fr.oleane.com
Germany: Uzbekistani Embassy in Berlin, Germany
Germany: Uzbekistani Consulate in Bremen, Germany Chancery: Speicherhof 308 City: Bremen Phone: +49-421-3-89 21 98 Fax: +49-421-3-89 22 24
Germany: Uzbekistani Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany
Greece: Uzbekistani Embassy in Athens, Greece Pindou str 26, Filothei City: Athens
Phone: +301-685 7077 Fax: +301-683 6285
Greece: Uzbekistani Consulate in Athens, Greece Pindou str 26, Filothei City: Athens Phone: +301-685 7077 Fax: +301-683 6285
India: Uzbekistani Embassy in New Delhi, India EP 40, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Marg Chanakyapuri City: New Delhi Phone: (+91-11)-2467-0774 / 2467-0775 / 2410 5640 Fax: +91-11-2467-0773 Email: uzembind@vsnl.com
Indonesia: Uzbekistani Embassy in Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia Menara Mulia, Suite 2401, 24th Floor Jl. Gatot Subroto, Kav. 9-11 City: Jakarta Selatan Phone: +62-21-522-2581 Fax: +62-21-522-2582 Email: registan@indo.net.id
Iran: Uzbekistani Embassy in Tehran, Iran Pasdaran Avenue Nastaran St., 6 City: Tehran
Phone: +98-21-229-97-80
Israel: Uzbekistani Embassy in Ramat Gan, Israel
Israel: Uzbekistani Consulate in Tel Aviv, Israel 1 Ben Yehuda Street Tel Aviv 63801
Israel City: Tel Aviv Phone: (+972-3) 5104684, 5104685 Fax: (+972-3) 5104679
Italy: Uzbekistani Embassy in Rome, Italy Chancery: Via Tolmino, 12 00198 Rome, Italy
City: Rome Phone: +39-06-854-24-56 / +39.06.854.2456 Fax: +39-06-854-10-20/ +39.06.854.1020 Email: uzbembass@libero.it
Japan: Uzbekistani Embassy in Tokyo, Japan Chancery: Shimomeguro 5-11-8 Meguro-ku City: Tokyo Phone: +81-3-376-05625
Japan: Uzbekistani Consulate in Osaka, Japan City: Osaka Phone: +81-6-6228-5009
Kazakhstan: Uzbekistani Embassy in Almaty, Kazakhstan Beribaev St., 36 480100, Almaty City: Almaty Phone: +7-3272-91-02-35
Kuwait: Uzbekistani Embassy in Mishref, Kuwait Chancery: City: Mishref Phone: +965 537-66-03 Fax: +965 537-66-04
Kyrgyzstan: Uzbekistani Consulate in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Chancery: K. Marks str. 15 City: Bishkek Phone: (+996-312) 215945 Fax: (+996-312) 212184
Latvia: Uzbekistani Embassy in Riga, Latvia Chancery: Elizabetes Street, 11, 2nd floor, room 11 City: Riga Phone: +371-732-24 24 / +371-732-23 46 Fax: +371-732-23 06 Email: posoluz@apollo.lv
Malaysia: Uzbekistani Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Netherlands: Uzbekistani Embassy in Amsterdam, Netherlands Chancery: Weteringschans 28A City: Amsterdam Phone: +31-20 428 7544 Fax: +31-20 428 7546
Pakistan: Uzbekistani Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan
Poland: Uzbekistani Embassy in Warszawa, Poland
Russia: Uzbekistani Embassy in Moscow, Russia Chancery: Pogorelskiy Pereulok, 12 City: Moscow Phone: +7-495-230-00-76
Saudi Arabia: Uzbekistani Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Chancery: City: Riyadh Phone: +966-1-263-52-23
Saudi Arabia: Uzbekistani Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Chancery: City: Riyadh Phone: +966-1-263-52-23
South Korea: Uzbekistani Embassy in Seoul, South Korea Chancery: Diplomatic Center, Room 701 1376-1 Seocho-2dong Seocho-Ku City: Seoul Phone: +82-2-574-65-54
Spain: Uzbekistani Consulate in Barcelona, Spain Chancery: Avda. Sarriá 130 City: Barcelona Phone: +34-93-252 37 01 Fax: +34-93-252 37 10
Switzerland: Uzbekistani Consulate in Geneva, Switzerland Chancery: International Centre Cointrin (ICC) Bloc G, 7e étage Route de Pré-Bois 20 Case Postale 1853 1215 Geneva 15, Switzerland City: Geneva Phone: (+41) 227994300 Fax: (+41) 227994302 Email: uzbekistan@bluewin.ch
Tajikistan: Uzbekistani Embassy in Dushanbe, Tajikistan Chancery: K.Marks st., 15 City: Dushanbe Phone: +992-372 21-21-84 Fax: +992-372 24-90-77
Thailand: Uzbekistani Consulate in Bangkok, Thailand Chancery: 138/5 Thoglor Soi 11 Sukhumvit 55, Klongtan Wattana City: Bangkok Phone: +66-2-712-88-83 / +66-2-381-61-16 Fax: +66-2-391-33-23
Turkey: Uzbekistani Embassy in Ankara, Turkey Chancery: Sancak mahallesi, 211 Sokak No3 06550 Yildiz-Cankaya City: Ankara Phone: +90-312-441-38-71 Fax: (90-312) 442 7058 Email: uzbekembassy@superonline.com
Turkey: Uzbekistani Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey Chancery: Sehit Halil Ibrahim Caddesi, No 23 Istinye City: Istanbul Phone: +90-212-323-20-37
Turkmenistan: Uzbekistani Embassy in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan Chancery: Gorogli str. 50-a City: Ashgabat Phone: (993-12) 362 006, 019 Fax: (993-12) 350 679
Ukraine: Uzbekistani Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine Chancery: Gorogli str. 50-a City: Ashgabat Phone: (993-12) 362 006, 019 Fax: (993-12) 350 679
United Arab Emirates : Uzbekistani Consulate in Dubai, United Arab Emirates Chancery: Barsha 2, street 36B, villa 34 City: Dubai Phone: +971-4-394-74-00
United Kingdom: Uzbekistani Embassy in London, United Kingdom
United States: Uzbekistani Embassy in Washington DC, United States
United States: Uzbekistani Consulate in New York, United States
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