M a p s   O f   N I C A R A G U A

  • Official Name: Republic of Nicaragua
  • Area: 130,373 km2 (97th)
  • Population: 5,891,199 (110th)
  • Geographic coordinates: 12°9′N 86°16′W
  • Currency: Córdoba (NIO)
  • Form of Goverment: Presidential republic
  • GDP - per capita (PPP): $2,635[3]
  • Provinces: 15 departments and two self-governing regions
  • Language: Spanish (official)
  • Freedom House Nicaragua Rating: 3.5
  • Political Rights Score: 4
  • Civil Liberties Score: 3
  • Status: Partly Free

The word is is out: "Nicaragua is the new Costa Rica" but with prices 35-55% lower than its southern neighbour. Nicaragua is well and truly bouncing back from its troubled and often misunderstood past and beginning to transform into a sought after investment and tourism destination. Misconceptions still persist, but in many ways that only increases the opportunity that Nicaragua offers. Nicaragua's democratically elected government is showing a great capacity to reform in line with its...     m o r e . . .