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For Nations Beginning With The Letters "L" & "M" - Laos through Myanmar
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I saw the giant red spheres at first from a distance. They rested calmly on the side of a steep grass hill facing a large rocky outcrop ominously known as the Bock.  The spheres lay about, in no particular order, resisting gravity and descending haphazardly towards the confluence of the Alzette and Petrusse Rivers in the meandering valley below. ~ Luxembourg City is indeed a place of precarious geography.  And so these spheres, from my perch above on the Adolphus bridge, seemed a perfect representation of the country and the feeling that overtakes one upon entering it: that often in this city, things that shouldn’t exist are possible. Luxembourg City is indeed guided by strange ethereal forces. Shaped by time, geography and a strong yet gentle people, it has withstood the challenges of time, and pushed through bravely into the modern century. Like those spheres as I fist saw them, it exists as an entity that by all accounts should perish, and yet thrives. Like all that is priceless in Europe, Luxembourg exists because it must, because it is an example of what great cultures become, because it would be a crime to the people of world for it not to. - Luxembourg - A Confluence Of Culture.
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Embassies, Consulates & Government Offices 
(Listed Alphabetically By Nation)
Embassies of Laos  & Government Resources for Laos
Embassies of Latvia & Government Resources for the Republic of Latvia
Embassies of Lebanon  & Government Resources for Lebanon
Embassies of Lesotho  & Government Resources for the Kingdom of Lesotho
Embassies of Liberia  & Government Resources for the Republic of Liberia
Embassies  & Government Resources for Libya
Embassies & Government Resources for Liechtenstein
Embassies  & Government Resources for Lithuania
Embassies  & Government Resources for Luxembourg
Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic Of
Embassies & Government Resources for The Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia
Embassies  & Government Resources for Madagascar
Embassies & Government Resources for Malawi
Embassies & Government Resources for Malaysia
Embassies & Government Resources for the Maldives
Embassies & Government Resources for Mali
Embassies & Government Resources for Malta
Isle of Man
(British crown dependency)
(See France)
Embassies & Government Resources for Mauritania
Embassies & Government Resources for Mayotte
Embassies & Government Resources for Mexico
Embassies & Government Resources for Micronesia
Midway Islands
(See USA)
Embassies & Government Resources for Moldova
Embassies & Government Resources for Monaco
Embassies & Government Resources for Mongolia
Embassies & Government Resources for Montenegro
(British crown dependency)
Embassies & Government Resources for Morocco
Embassies & Government Resources for Mozambique
Embassy Resources for Myanmar (Burma)
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