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Kazakhstan -Embassy Resources for the Republic of Kazakhstan
Kenya - Embassy Resources for the Republic of Kenya
Kiribati - Embassy Resources for the Republic of Kiribati -
Korea, North - Embassy Resources for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Korea, South - Embassy Resources for the Republic of Korea
Kuwait - Embassy Resources for the State of Kuwait -
Kyrgyzstan - Embassy Resources for Kyrgyztan
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International Vacation Rentals
Caribbean Vacation Rentals - Caribbean Vacation Rentals - Vacation rentals in the Caribbean allow the potential expatriate to evaluate a nation.  Vacation rentals also allow anyone seeking a unique vacation to stay at someplace other than the local Marriot and to have a better than average vacation. Includes Bread & Breakfast locations.
Vacation Rentals - International - - International vacation rentals allow the vacationer to stay at worthwhile locations and have a better than average vacation.  They also allow the potential expatriate to evaluate a nation first hand rather than from an American style hotel. Worth considering. Includes Bread & Breakfast locations.
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