5 Ways a Live Chat Feature Help Overall Customer Experience

For a better overall customer experience, you have to work an extra mile to exceed your customers’ expectations in terms of communication. Businesses that provide great customer experience have higher customer loyalty rate, and therefore achieve higher sales.

Live chat feature is one of the most efficient ways to be in touch with clients. With this feature, it’s possible to turn interactions with website guests into potentially profitable relationship and, in result, boost your sales reports.

What is this Live Chat Feature?

Live chat is an effective communication feature included in CRM Software from Singapore that allows you to interact with people visiting your online site. This is a very valuable addition to your company website as it allows you to start conversing with potential clients, whether they have concern about your service, interested with your products or just need help navigating around your site.

One best thing about live chat is that it allows you to answer questions and address concerns on the spot and in real time, giving prospects and clients instant gratification. With faster response than email, you will also be able to know whether a visitor is a potential lead that you can pursue or just someone lurking around.

How Live Chat Improve Customer Experience

There are numerous benefits with live chat that have proven to generate leads, meet customer satisfaction and boost customer relationship management. Below, you will find out what live chat can do for the betterment of your overall customer service.

1. Respond to more customers and address more concerns in real time

When customers encounter a problem with your product or service, they want instant solution from you. This is one of the major reasons why consumers turn to live chat whenever they need something from their service provider—to get immediate answers to their questions.

Any delays run the risk of losing profit. In fact, slow response is cited as one of the top three reasons why Singapore consumers leave a certain provider.

By integrating live chat to your CRM system, alongside your CRM software, you can handle three, four, five, six or more clients at a time. You can respond to all of them in seconds, rather than letting them wait for hours to answer an email.

2. Answer questions in a timely manner to eliminate fears and doubts of customers.

With live chat, it’s almost effortless to help visitors and clients to navigate around your site, especially when they are in the hunt for specific products or pages. Therefore, it only makes sense to add the live chat feature to the pages that customers often visit (if not in the entire site), such as the products, pricing and support pages.

With a live chat box, consumers can directly ask you questions about the service or product they are interested in and it will be easy for you to answer them right away, which simplifies the purchasing process. You can enlighten your customer by explaining the differences of different products and provide advice to the customer on which product is the most suitable.

3. Target potential buyers easily.

When mapping out customers with your products or services, do you focus on web analytics and real data, or you make the common mistake of treating buyers like any other buyers, who miss out the ‘how, when and why’ of purchasing decisions?

Using your live chat alongside with the customer relationship management tool you are using will help you easily target customer interests. If the CRM software you are using includes sales management and marketing automation, much better! You can target customers based on your previous conversations and run an automated campaign through email on them, targeting their interests with personalized promos, discounts and contents.

4. Retain current customers and build brand loyalty

A cloud CRM is ideal for the sales team because it lets them handle sales management better, track leads, create deal pipelines, boost accuracy of sales reports and many more. However, that may not be enough to build brand loyalty. Majority of your transactions and profits will generate from clients you already have, and having live chat feature is key to retaining a client.

When your clients see a live chat feature on your company website, they know that they are not dealing with a faceless business in the web. In fact, more consumers here in Singapore tend to stick longer to companies with live chat and can offer immediate support to them. Just the idea that you are always available when they need you is enough to make any customer stick around for longer time.

5. Send transcript of chat to create positive impression.

Some live chat features give you the option to save a conversation, which is called transcript, and to send a copy of it to your prospect or client through email.

By giving consumers the option to have a copy of the transcript of your conversation, they will be able to read the conversation any time they wish, instead of having to call you and ask the same question again. Oftentimes, consumers forget some details and answers to their questions because of so much information handed to them all at once.

With a transcript, they can always revisit their inbox to double check on any information they might have forgotten.

A good CRM software is able to provide you with such feature. If you want a more consumer-based environment of CRM software, contact www.crystaldash.com in Singapore to discuss the most suitable CRM solution for your type of business.


Overall, live chat is a great addition to your business’ cloud CRM system. With such useful feature, your clients get the support they need quickly and you get to speak to them directly.

By integrating live chat on site, you can effortlessly convert visitors into customers and you can keep existing customers satisfied (and loyal) and improve your overall customer satisfaction rates. All these, in result, will help improve your productivity and company credibility.