M a p s   O f   E c u a d o r

  • Official Name: Ecuador
  • Area: 109,415 sq mi (Galapagos included)
  • Population: 13,625,000[2] (67th)
  • Geographic coordinates: 00°9′S 78°21′W
  • Currency: U.S. dollar (USD)
  • Form of Goverment: Unitary presidential republic
  • GDP - per capita (PPP): $4,059[3]
  • Provinces: 24 Provinces
  • Language: Spanish
  • Freedom House Ecuador Rating: 3.0
  • Political Rights Score: 3
  • Civil Liberties Score: 3
  • Status: Partly Free

The Utopian Village Network in Ecuador is an intentional community with a self - sufficient goal. They are seeking people who have a strong desire to live communally. The UVNE is part of a network of intentional communities throughout the world linked with similar values to support each other for the creation of a new society. The basic intention of the Utopian Eco Village Network is to be a pilot model demonstration of how to live in a real New World consciousness of sharing on all levels: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.     m o r e . .

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