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Embassy & Consulate Resources - Index: "G"
For Countries Beginning With The Letter "G"
Gabon - Embassy Resources for Gabon -
Gambia - Embassy Resources for the Republic of The Gambia -
Georgia - Embassy Resources for Georgia
Germany - Embassy Resources for the Federal Republic of Germany
Ghana - Embassy Resources for the Republic of Ghana -
Gibraltar -  Embassy Resources for Gibraltar
Great Britain - Embassy Resources for the U.K. Great Britain & Northern Ireland -
Greece - Embassy Resources for the Hellenic Republic of Greece -
Greenland - Embassy Resources for Greenland - Denmark acts as the representative for Greenland 
Grenada -  Embassy Resources for the Island of Grenada
Guam - Embassy Resources for Guam -
Guatemala - Embassy Resources for the Republic of Guatemala -
Guinea - Embassy  Resources for the Republic of Guinea -
Guinea-Bissau - Embassy Resources for the Republic of Guine-Bissau
Guyana -  Embassy Resources for the Co-operative Republic of Guyana
Streetwise Philippines -   - It would be easy to call this an 'Insiders Guide To Meeting Women in the Philippines,' but it is much, much more than that.  Yes, there are really high quality women in the Philippines if one knows where to look but more importantly one can live a quality lifestyle here, even learn to make a better than average income.  One just needs to be streetwise and know where to look and where to be, which is why I wrote this report. Why try to find a needle in a haystack?  I'm giving you a map of the territory. 
The Dominican Republic Report - - Dominican Republic information about real estate - retirement - residency - relocation - banking - investments - There are many places you can go to in the Caribbean, but there is only one spot that has been called "The Best Kept Secret".  That place is the Dominican Republic, and the time to find out about this investors paradise is sooner, not later!  You can find out about basic statistics from any book-store travel guide, but not the honest kind of perspective you are looking for.  What is it really like to live there?  What is the cost of living?  How do I find the real estate or apartment bargains?  Can I find good Internet access?  What is the shopping like?  How about banking rates? 
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